• 8 in. x 10 ft. of Sunflowers the size of dinner plates
  • Big, Bold, Dynamic splashes of color in your garden - almost instantly
  • Mat is densely infused with hundreds of mature sunflower seeds
  • For every flower you cut - 2, 3 Even 4 more rush forth to take its place
  • Easy to use - Roll it out & Sprinkle with water
  • Self-Multiplying stunning sunflowers year after year - no need for re-planting



  • Dazzling yellows, sunset oranges, pale 'moonbeam' lemons
  • Great for all seasons. Will bloom from summer to frost!
  • Stalks grow as high as a man.
  • Make plenty of things from sunflower oil to sunflower seeds.
  • Flowers are dazzlingly bright.
  • Hundreds of mature seeds in sunflower mat.

Big, Beautiful, Bright Sunflowers!

You can now have huge fiery blooms in your garden too. Giant Sunflower heads actually consist of over 1,000 individual flowers joined together. As a special offer today we are offering a buy one get one free special that you won't find anywhere else. Your garden will finally get the attention it deserves as neighbors pass and can't help but gauk at the beauty your giant sunflower mat will add.

Giant Sunflower Mat is pre-seeded with hundreds of sunflower seeds so your garden will be full of bright flowers as big as dinner plates and up to 8 feet high. Each stunning stalk is self-multiplying too!

Enhance Your Garden!
Just unroll, water and watch your amazing sunflowers grow!
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Bright Sunflowers Imagine 8" x 10" of Sunflowers the size of dinner plates!
Self-multiplying sunflowers Caring for your sunflower garden is easy, just roll out and water – that’s it!
Care for your garden Self-multiplying stunning sunflowers year after year – no need for re-planting.
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